Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Cost Explanation

Anno 1800

Resources and Productivity are based mostly on what is visible on the scheme. Values are calculated by Buildings, Production Buildings, Farm Fields, Cost per Field and Warehouses. The formula does not include roads - as there can be two different ones - and Ornaments. You can hover over Credits and Maintenance of each scheme to see the key expenditures.

Anno 1404

While Anno 1800 is calculated automatically, all Anno 1404 values are entered manually and might be faulty because of human errors. The caculation includes Buildings and Production Houses, Fields and their cost, small warehouses only and the minimum amount of roads. Bailiwick percentages are not included to only show the maximum cost / upkeep. This might help out players that want to plan their city on a tight budget. The rebate is around ~ 10%.

Color Explanation

The following colors represent the color spectrum of the ANNO 1800 schemes. While simple layouts most likely only feature one or two field and building colors, more complex layouts will have most colors.

Field 1
Field 2
Field 3
Field 4
Building 1
Building 2
Building 3
Building 4
Production Building
Trade Union
What is the Noria Exploit?

Barren oriental lands (desert) can be made fertile by building norias. One noria makes the land around it about 75% fertile. Multiple overlapping norias make barren lands super-fertile: each noria raises the fertility multiplier of each field in its range by one.

Using multiple overlapping norias, you can make it so farms only require a few fields placed to still maintain maximum 100% efficiency.

This technique is sometimes referred to as the noria exploit. Some players contend that this is probably an unintended game mechanic, but after three patches this has never been altered and no developer has ever said this functionality was unintentional. Therefore, many players prefer to call this a technique or advanced strategy rather than an exploit since strictly speaking this is not a cheat. Plus there is strong basis in reality that providing more irrigation to farmlands increases fertility, although granted there is a point where too much irrigation has a negative impact. Taken from Anno 1404 Fandom Wiki, click here to learn more.

Why is every author "Anno Community"?

Most of these schemes are taken from a pdf that dates a few years back. It has mostly been an effort from Annozone.de and DOSorDIE to centralize a lot of ideas from different authors. The forum thread is pretty large and it's difficult to find the exact - and first - author of some schemes, therefore i decided to label all of them Anno Community.

I have a cool system that is not listed

Feel free to message me and tell me about it! If it's efficient and looks promising i'll gladly include it and credit you. Also make sure you send me an image or link to the system and optionally a link to where the credit should go, for example a Twitter or Discord profile. You don't have to if you don't want, just to clarify. Also please keep in mind that everyone should be able to use these systems, for example wiki pages and community forums.

If you found a typo or incorrect systems / calculations shoot me a message on Twitter.

Do you plan on including other ANNOs?

I don't plan on supporting any other ANNO game at this point on my own. I've never been into futuristic ANNOs. I'd be willing to include them if you can provide all blueprints and use my formatting. Same goes for 1602, 1503 and 1701. Feel free to message me if you need help with that.

Thanks to

Ubisoft, Blue Byte / Related Designs for creating the game, the Anno Union and Discord Server Annoverse (opens Discord).

Also a huge shoutout to DOSorDIE and members of Annozone.de for the initial layouts and idea to create this website. Without them i would've never thought about creating systems or this website as a side project! Last but not least a big thank you to everyone reading and using this site. Have fun playing ANNO!